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Every author needs a platform to get published. But how can you build what agents and publishers look for?

In today’s market, where 4 million books are published each year, you will need a proven audience to convince an agent or a publisher of your book’s potential.

As daunting as that sounds, it’s not all about social media followers. (Although that helps too!)

There are many ways to prove a platform—both online and off. And I’ve invented a time-saving, cost-effective way that allows authors to build theirs effectively by leaning into their greatest talents.

Lucinda Halpern

Marketing is both an art and a science

As a literary agent for over the course of two decades, I know the secrets and the shortcuts, and I want to share them with all writers who can benefit.

No one wants to be a self-promoter. But all of us want successful books, whether you’re pitching a book or launching one. The Get Signed Marketing Course unlocks your potential so you can join the ranks of successful authors who started out just like you.

Money-back guarantee: Informative. Fun. Results.

Gain a lifetime’s worth of knowledge in 3 hours or less.

What You’ll Uncover in the Course Modules:

  • Discover the right publishing path for you
  • What marketing will mean for your book’s chances
  • Establish your personal platform
  • Attract the right audience
  • What publishers look for in your marketing plan
  • Pitch like a publicist
  • How to get paid public speaking
  • 3 (simple) ways to build your online presence
  • The free tools that can do the marketing for you while you write!
  • The secrets literary agents use to demonstrate an author’s platform
  • A phase-by-phase timeline for marketing to keep you on track 
  • What to invest and how to maximize your publicity
  • Real-life author marketing plans that got six- (plus!) figure deals 
Lucinda Halpern

Join the Get Signed Experience

Launching your book is just a step away. Gain valuable insights directly from industry leaders in this exclusive recording with one-of-a-kind takeaways you can put into practice right away.

Meet the Experts

  • Nina Shield
    Nina Shield
    Executive Editor, Penguin Random House
  • Patty Grift
    Patty Gift
    Vice President, Hay House
  • Fauzia Burke
    Fauzia Burke
    Media & Marketing Executive, CEO FSB Marketing Associates
  • Diana Ventimiglia
    Diana Ventimiglia
    Executive Editor, Sounds True
  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey
    Internationally Best-selling Author of The Productivity Project; Hyperfocus
  • Cait Flanders
    Cait Flanders
    Wall Street Journal Best-selling Author, The Year of Less
  • Lucinda Halpern
    Literary Agent; Founder & President of Lucinda Literary, LLC

Worksheets and Takeaways You’ll Receive

  • Lifetime access to the full presentation to print and the video replay
  • Discover your VCO (Voice, Content, and Offering) Exercise
  • What Publishing Path is Right for You? (Worksheet)
  • Create a Wordcloud to Help You Attract an Audience Exercise
  • The 4 Kinds of Writers Who Get Book Deals (Quiz!)

Our writers see a return on their investment many times over.

Book deals (and the film, translation, and audiobook deals that follow, can earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We offer this exclusive, comprehensive course at just $197 with a money back guarantee. 

We understand that finances can be a concern for writers. Payment plans are available.  

The best part? Our tools and strategies will apply both to writers who are looking to get signed with an industry gatekeeper as well as authors who are planning for a book launch! This course gives you the keys to building a platform, understanding your reader, and creating a book that is destined to sell for years to come.

Becoming a published author is possible when you have the information and guidance to market your book successfully. You’ll leave this course motivated to take action.

This course is for you if:

  • You are writing either adult fiction or nonfiction
  • You are looking to establish yourself as a recognized writer or expert in your field
  • You have a book idea and are beginning to build a platform
  • You’ve just completed a proposal or manuscript and you’re looking to get signed
  • You’re querying agents
  • You’re considering which publishing route is best for you
  • You’re preparing for a book launch
  • You’re a published author looking to sell your next book
  • You are looking to widen an already successful audience or company
  • You’re ready to create a timeless bestseller, a book that can create a whole new career

Don’t miss your chance—join our community of authors who have seen their dreams come true!

What Get Signed™ Alumni Say

Dr Mary Anderson

Get Signed™ is an excellent masterclass! It’s packed with valuable information, insider insights, and actionable tips. Most importantly, it delivered on its promise—I’m proud to say after implementing the advice of the course and Lucinda, I did indeed get signed with an agent and landed a book deal with a major publishing house! I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to successfully navigate the publishing process. Lucinda is the best.”

Dr. Mary Anderson, Author of The Happy High Achiever
Troy Hadeed

Get Signed™ was everything I hoped it would be. Having already written a book, I was trying to understand the ins and outs of the publishing world and get some guidance with regards to my next steps. Lucinda gave me all the clarity I needed. She answered any questions I could dream up, grounded me, inspired me, and set me straight on my road to getting signed.”

Troy Hadeed, Author of My Name is Love
Sara McElroy

“I count myself immeasurably fortunate to have stumbled upon Lucinda’s [programs] in the nascent days of my book journey… The program was invaluable. I loved how her evergreen courses demystified the end-to-end proposal process—from “big idea” to platform-building to publisher submission—and were coupled with Lucinda’s bespoke feedback on every part of my proposal as I drafted it. Lucinda is an aspiring author’s secret weapon. By August, I was thrilled to be offered representation… and by December, I had a book deal!”

Sara McElroy, Author of Women Who Walk
Leanne Shear

“Lucinda Literary’s Get Signed™ program is invaluable for both new and established writers and everyone in between. The amount of knowledge imparted in every session is tantamount to a master’s degree in the art of publishing and will benefit everyone, no matter where they are in the writing/publishing process. This program makes what can be an overwhelming process navigable, and fun! I cannot recommend Get Signed™ enough!

Leanne Shear, Author of The Perfect Manhattan and Cocktail Therapy: The Perfect Prescription for Life’s Many Crises

More praise for our Get Signed™ Courses

Fragile Tossa

“I owe Lucinda Literary a weekly review for how motivated, inspired, and focused its courses have made me about my writing. Writing full-time is now a lifestyle I live […] I love having to write up a pitch [when] I join because it is an excellent opportunity to stay on track with my query preparation and finishing my book. Thank you!”

Fragile Tossa, Fiction Writer
Yasin Kakande

“What truly set Lucinda apart was her generosity in sharing her precious contacts within the industry. Her dedication to helping writers, especially those from diverse backgrounds, find their voice in the competitive literary landscape was truly inspiring. As a Black writer, I have often felt the need for advocates who genuinely understand the importance of diverse voices in literature. Lucinda’s commitment to championing writers of color and aiding us in telling our own stories resonated deeply with me. In a literary world that can sometimes be overwhelming, having someone like Lucinda in your corner is invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend Lucinda to any aspiring author who seeks not only expert guidance in navigating the publishing world but also a passionate advocate for their unique voice. Her professionalism, knowledge, and genuine desire to make a difference make her an exceptional ally for writers seeking to make their mark.

Yasin Kakande, Fiction Writer

“Through [Lucinda’s] tenacity, honesty, and poise, [she is] helping all of us newbies thrive. I valued not just what Lucinda said but how she said everything. Thank you.”

Colleen Ryan-Hensley, Nonfiction Writer

“When I was awarded a sabbatical to write a book, I contacted a number of agencies. Lucinda got back to me very quickly because she realized the large potential audience based on the subject matter. I sent her a very rough draft yet she noticed my passion and guided me on how to focus on the topic that was most relevant to my experience and knowledge. Over a year’s worth of seminars, private chats, and specific comments from Lucinda on how to write an effective letter got me a publishing contract within two weeks of sending out my proposal! Lucinda has a lot of energy and her passion to help you succeed is extraordinary! Her team is also dedicated to keeping you focused and on task. It has been a profitable and rewarding experience working with Lucinda. I plan to continue to keep our relationship current as I move on to book #2!”

Lee H. Rosen, Nonfiction Writer
Kristy Jackson

“[After attending Lucinda’s programs,] I recently signed with a literary agent in Toronto! I wanted to thank [Lucinda] for all [her] help. I believe the query letter that [they] helped me draft was instrumental in helping me finally sign with an agent. Ultimately, it took 99 queries exactly to get there. I know I still have a long way to go on my writing journey, but this was a great step in the right direction. Thanks again for the work you do to help newbie writers like me move forward.”

Kristy Jackson, Fiction Writer
Peter Melnick

“Lucinda’s workshops are an invaluable resource for authors facing the daunting task of getting their book to market. [They] were well-organized, crammed with important information and absolutely worth the fee. Lucinda Halpern is highly experienced, giving and perceptive—in short, she’s the real deal!

Peter Melnick, Narrative Nonfiction Writer
Jamie Coakley

“I really appreciate you putting these programs together and sharing your expertise. It shows a real love for and commitment to writers and that is rad. As a first time author, I wanted to be sure that my decision of whether to self publish or spend the time and resources necessary to acquire an agent, and then a traditional book deal, were based on research and true insider industry information. When I found Lucinda Literary and her live classes/masterclass via Publishers Marketplace, I was hopeful they would help me to  navigate the complicated and often daunting world of book publishing, and help me they did! From understanding what agents and publishers are looking for, to help with crafting elevator pitches, synopsis and book proposals, to writing actual query letters, Lucinda’s courses gave me all the pieces of the puzzle needed to be successful, whether I decided to self publish or pursue a more traditional route.”

Jamie Sims Coakley, Author of Freehand 2173
Chausey Leebron

“If you’re a writer and looking for representation for your book, I would run to take Lucinda’s Workshop. Lucinda is highly experienced, warm, kind, supportive, smart as a whip and generous of heart; a true ally to any artist!”

Chausey Leebron, Nonfiction Writer
Shauna Brittenham Reiter

“[Lucinda’s programs] equipped me with unique insights and strategies I had not acquired elsewhere and left me wanting more… Her intellect, warmth, and command of the industry were undeniably captivating. I have been absolutely blown away by their commitment to me and my story. [This team is] whip smart, remarkably efficient and responsive, and have tenderly and with great care walked me through every step of the process from perfecting my book proposal to writing a pitch. It is incredibly rare to collaborate with individuals whose expertise and working style are both perfectly complementary to yours, but I could rave indefinitely about my experience with Lucinda Literary.

Shauna Brittenham, Nonfiction Writer
Rachel Waxman

“The tips and feedback I received from Ms. Halpern’s workshop have helped me improve not only my query letter, but my novel as a whole. If you’re serious about getting an agent, you don’t want to miss this.”

Rachel Waxman

Get Signed™ and your workshop[s] have both transformed how I think about the querying process, and for the first time in years reminded me of all I bring to the table. What a boost—Thank you!”

Janine Macbeth, Fiction & Nonfiction Writer

“While it’s obvious Ms. Halpern has been a bridge carrying both novice and established writers to higher levels of success for years, what impressed me the most about her workshop was her humble approach and personalized feedback that better clarified my novel’s genre and made my query letter more compelling to readers. I have been very pleased by my experience. Lucinda and her team have been very courteous, helpful, positive and encouraging…exceeded my expectations!”

Pamela Mshana, Fiction Writer

“This was a very helpful workshop, and I truly appreciated the follow-up consultation. I “unlearned” several bad strategies I’d been taught in the past.

Aliina Hopkins, Nonfiction Writer

“[Lucinda’s] feedback on my letter and ideas for platform building were clear, personal, and most importantly, do-able. This workshop was so helpful. Lucinda’s tips and feedback were so specific. I learned so much… I also appreciate that it was reasonably priced, which is not always the case.”

Stephanie Kriesberg, Author of Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

“Lucinda combines a positive attitude with constructive criticism to give authors inspiration and specific guidance. Her experience and advice is relevant for both new authors and those already published. Industry guest speakers gave valuable first hand knowledge of best ways to navigate the publishing process. My query letter improved immensely through this course to shine at its best. I have renewed hope.”

Heather Buchanan, Memoirist

“Lucinda’s advice on my pitch and query letter was priceless. She was warm, smart and such an expert in what she was talking about. I left our session confident and very clear about what I need to do to give my manuscript the best chance with an agent.

Rowan Mangan, Fiction Writer

“It was illuminating. Learned more from [Lucinda] in minutes than in months and months of feedback from elsewhere. Invaluable!”

Annie Oswald, Fiction Writer

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know until this workshop!”

Kelly Soverns, Fiction & Nonfiction Writer

“The workshop was a valuable step in my progression toward publication. The time allocated was perfect, and having two others provide input provided an additional dimension. Well worth the time and money.”

Chris Maylin, Fiction Writer

The workshop provided me with an excellent critique of my query, providing me with guidance that will allow me to polish my query so it will clearly communicate to agents my protagonist and their growth.”

Walt Williams, Fiction Writer

Excellent advice, tips and resources from publishing industry experts!”

Bettina Edelstein, Nonfiction Writer

“For writers who are not New York adjacent, the opportunity to meet and learn from an established literary agent is invaluable.”


Being part of Lucinda’s class removed all of the isolation and mystery around the publishing process I’d felt working on my manuscript. I now know what it takes to break through, and feel so happy and confident in the publishing path I’ve chosen. Thank you, Lucinda!”


“The workshop was very instructive and informative. I liked [Lucinda’s] style, which was very engaging and energetic.”


“I found this workshop so valuable that I’m signing up for the rest of them!”


“Lucinda and colleagues offer writers wanting to become authors essential expertise with a huge scoop of kindness. In a short session they answered my year-plus-long quandary—whether the lack of requests for manuscripts from agents I pitched was because of my query or my novel. Lucinda’s experts recommended I turn my query upside down, start with the stakes then my bio. I would never have dared to try this format-disrupting strategy if they hadn’t told me why and because they loved my premise of my story.”


“Lucinda Literary’s programming for would-be authors gives us exactly what we desire: a peek behind the curtain into the labyrinth that is the publishing world and a bespoke path that will take us to the other side. My book concept and proposal have evolved immeasurably—so much more richness, texture and depth—since beginning work with Lucinda and her team. I could not recommend more highly her programs for authors who are serious about building a platform and career in this industry.”


“This workshop was absolutely wonderful! I am deeply grateful to have face to face time with an experienced literary agent who gave me excellent pointers on how to get my book noticed with a query letter! Lucinda is personable, approachable, supportive of writers, intuitive, generous with her knowledge and gave excellent feedback! Best money spent on a workshop in a long time!”


“I had the feeling I was getting the “best of the best.” It was like taking a woodworking class where we learn to make tongue and groove and use the best sandpaper.”


“Lucinda Literary workshops gave great assistance at understanding the publishing world and crafting your pitch. Very helpful at all aspects of publishing!


“I have taken several seminars and consultations with Lucinda Literary and am always impressed with the supportive and thoughtful feedback from her and her team of agents.”


This workshop was very informative, inspiring and reassuring. It really helped to zero in on best practices and faux pas, coming from a seasoned and caring team. This session was so helpful to hit the ground running thoughtfully.”


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