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But before I became an agent, I was an aspiring writer myself…

Living off of espresso in an attic apartment in Paris, hoping that my scribblings would one day become a published book. (That dream would take many more years to realize).

I left Paris to earn a livelihood at the Publicity Division of HarperCollins, where I assisted on the media campaigns of Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt (Freakonomics) among many other New York Times bestselling authors.

Later, I led Scholastic’s first job site, and was placed in its corporate sales and marketing division selling custom publishing programs to Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofits. As a side hustle, I managed musicians, stemming from my early love of music as an opera singer in the Metropolitan Opera’s children’s chorus.

Though I couldn’t have foreseen it, all of these roads—my love of artists and my passion for nurturing their success—were pointing somewhere. I learned about the job of a literary agent, building books from the ground up, running book auctions, and championing aspiring authors. It had my name on it.

As I tell so many writers today, it just takes one

I knocked on the door of every prestigious agency I could find some connection to, or could research online. While I was able to meet with long-established literary agents, I was rejected everywhere due to my lack of experience.

Then I found one agency willing to take a chance. I was offered the role of a marketing consultant to Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project), among other major authors represented by that agency. 

But I always wanted a company of my own. And in 2011, Lucinda Literary, LLC was born.

Today, I represent New York Times and internationally bestselling business, health, lifestyle, and popular science books, narrative nonfiction, memoir, and upmarket fiction. As my agency has grown, a new passion has ignited alongside my commitment to dealmaking and literary representation. I’ve returned to my earliest mission: to challenge the status quo of an antiquated, exclusive industry and ensure that every writer gets their shot. 

In my book, my courses, on public stages and in private coaching, I guide authors toward their #1 goal of getting published. 

What Clients Say

Chris Bailey

“Never mind my books, I’d trust Lucinda with my life. Lucinda is the most resourceful person I’ve ever worked with—and she’s given me open, honest, and valuable feedback through each stage of the publishing process.”

Chris Bailey, Internationally Best-selling Author of The Productivity Project; Hyperfocus
Susan Peirce Thompson

“You shared my vision when I was starting out as a first-time author, and you honored it. Hitting the New York Times Best-Seller List was a lifelong dream—the fulfillment of my professional ambitions. That book meant everything to me and you helped me launch it into the world.”

Susan Peirce Thompson, Founder & CEO of Bright Line Eating, and New York Times Bestselling Author of Bright Line Eating
Nicola Kraus

“In my twenty-three year career I have been represented by seven top agencies and have seen inside the workings of many others through my clients. Lucinda sets herself apart with the care, attention, insight, and guidance that she offers clients. At every step of the process authors know they have a savvy advocate for making their publishing dreams a reality.”

Nicola Kraus, Founder of The Finished Thought and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Nanny Diaries
Ron Friedman

“I always wanted to be published by a major house. Lucinda made that possible. She’s a tenacious advocate, savvy marketer, and gifted editor, a rare combination in a literary agent. She has an impeccable radar for big ideas. She helped me rummage through a mountain of possibilities, spotted the gems, and constructed a plan for showcasing them in a compelling way. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Lucinda, you should pounce. She is preposterously good at her job.”

Ron Friedman, Social Psychologist and Author of Decoding Greatness

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